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Water Treatment Chemicals

Industrial water treatment seeks to manage four main problem areas: scaling, corrosion, microbiological activity and disposal of residual wastewater. Boilers do not have many problems with microbes as the high temperatures prevents their growth.

  • Scaling occurs when the chemistry and temperature conditions are such that the dissolved mineral salts in the water are caused to precipitate and form solid deposits. These can be mobile, like a fine silt, or can build up in layers on the metal surfaces of the systems. Scale is a problem because it insulates and heat exchange becomes less efficient as the scale thickens, which wastes energy. Scale also narrows pipe widths and therefore increases the energy used in pumping the water through the pipes.
  • Corrosion occurs when the parent metal oxidises (as iron rusts, for example) and gradually the integrity of the plant equipment is compromised. The corrosion products can cause similar problems to scale, but corrosion can also lead to leaks, which in a pressurised system can lead to catastrophic failures.
  • Microbes can thrive in untreated cooling water, which is warm and sometimes full of organic nutrients, as wet cooling towers are very efficient air scrubbers. Dust, flies, grass, fungal spores and so on collect in the water and create a sort of “microbial soup” if not treated with biocides. Most outbreaks of the deadly Legionnaires’ Disease have been traced to unmanaged cooling towers, and in the most of countries have stringent Health & Safety guidelines concerning cooling tower operations.

Boiler Water & Fuel Treatment Chemicals:

Lack of water and fuel treatment leads to many problems in various utilities such as boiler, cooling tower etc. Ultimately this results into failure ,downtime and most importantantly inefficient operation. This maintenance / repair work directly affects the money and time.We, at “AquaTherm” designed and developed the cost effective products which shall suits the requirement of customers to give optimum performance.

AQUATREAT Range of chemicals for

Antiscalent ,Corrosion Inhibitor , Oxygen Scavenger, Alkalinity (pH) controller, Condensate corrosion & deposit inhibitor, Polymeric dispersant and sludge conditioner, On line descalent, Defoamer to reduce carryover & foaming, all this chemicals in Liquid form to use as feed water treatment to the boiler.

We also supply acid and alkaline base descalent for removal of scale during the Breakdown/shutdown activities.

Pre & Post Combustion treatment Chemicals: Fuelmix & Thermomix

Fuel oil additive for F.O. and L.D.O. to reduce sludge and corrosion in tanks and lines as well as to get better combustion efficiency in boilers / Thermic fluid heaters. Fireside treatment compound contains dispersant, combustion catalysts, Oxidising agents and corrosion inhibitor to take care of entire Pre and post combustion zone.

  • Application & dosages: These chemicals can be dosed either mannualy Or With dosing pumps.Dosages are completely depend upon the present Operating parameters & we shall provide an assistance during this.
  • Packings: All the boiler water treatment chemicals are available in 35, 40 and 50 kgs HDPE carboys.Fuelmix–20 kgs &Thermomix;– 1kg .

Philosophy & Technical Features

Internal treatment

Internal treatment can constitute the unique treatment when boilers operate at low or moderate pressure, when large amounts of condensed steam are used for feed water, or when good quality raw water is available. The purpose of an internal treatment is to

  • React with any feed-water hardness and prevent it from precipitating on the boiler metal as scale;
  • Condition any suspended matter such as hardness sludge or iron oxide in the boiler and make it non-adherent to the boiler metal;
  • Provide anti-foam protection to allow a reasonable concentration of dissolved and suspended solids in the boiler water without foam carry-over;
  • Eliminate oxygen from the water and provide enough alkalinity to prevent boiler corrosion.

In addition, as supplementary measures an internal treatment should prevent corrosion and scaling of the feed-water system and protect against corrosion in the steam condensate systems.

During the conditioning process, which is an essential complement to the water treatment program, specific doses of conditioning products are added to the water. The commonly used products include:

  • Phosphates-dispersants, polyphosphates-dispersants (softening chemicals): reacting with the alkalinity of boiler water, these products neutralize the hardness of water by forming tricalcium phosphate, and insoluble compound that can be disposed and blow down on a continuous basis or periodically through the bottom of the boiler.
  • Natural and synthetic dispersants (Anti-scaling agents): increase the dispersive properties of the conditioning products. They can be:
    • Natural polymers: lignosulphonates, tannins
    • Synthetic polymers: polyacrilates, maleic acrylate copolymer, maleic styrene copolymer, polystyrene sulphonates etc.
  • Sequestering agents: such as inorganic phosphates, which act as inhibitors and implement a threshold effect.
  • Oxygen scavengers: sodium sulphite, tannis, hydrazine, hydroquinone/progallol-based derivatives, hydroxylamine derivatives, hydroxylamine derivatives, ascorbic acid derivatives, etc. These scavengers, catalyzed or not, reduce the oxides and dissolved oxygen. Most also passivate metal surfaces. The choice of product and the dose required will depend on whether a deaerating heater is used.
  • Anti-foaming or anti-priming agents: mixture of surface-active agents that modify the surface tension of a liquid, remove foam and prevent the carry over of fine water particles in the steam.

Cooling Water and Effluent Treatment Chemicals

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

AQUATREAT range of chemicals for: Non Chromate ,non heavy metal liquid formulation to control scale & corrosion, Complete organic based treatment, Contains threshold inhibitors for controlling precipitation, Zinc stabilizer works even at higher pH and offers best protection to metal surface, corrosion inhibitor for Copper and its alloys, Synthetic polymer and dispersant to keep the system clean.

AQUATREAT AQUATREAT range of chemicals for: Algae, fungus & bacterial control, Oxidising microbiocide in powder form, Quaternary ammonium based, wide spectrum organic liquid formulation, Non Oxidising, carbamate microbiocide in liquid form, Broad Spectrum, bromine and chlorine donating compounds in powder form.

  • Effluent treatment Chemicals: : Aquaflock :Specially formulated liquid compound for flock formation & Polyelectrolytes:Cationic ,Anionic and non ionic based polymers.
  • Application & dosages: These chemicals can be dosed either manually Or With dosing pumps.Dosages are completely depend upon the present Operating parameters & we shall provide assistance during this.
  • Packings: All the liquid chemicals are available in 35, 40 and 50 kgs. HDPE carboys. Solid form chemicals will be packed in 30, 50 kg polythene bags.

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