How to Get Service of Aquaguard

Are you looking for the best water purifier service? One that is trusted. Here is the best one that suits you. Aquaguard is the one you are looking for. We are the most known brand for water purifier in India. The best quality of product service. If you want our services, you can reach the Aquaguard Service in many ways.

Visit our webpage for customer service in requesting a service

If your product has a defect. And if it, there is a more natural way of requesting. Once we get your request, our team will cater it for you. Here are the steps to making the application:

  • Use the link of an official website for requesting a service.
  • Log in to your account. You have to use the number you have registered for. There are two options in logging in. The options available for people are missed call login or opt login. Just remember to use your registered phone number. If there is a problem logging in, I will provide the option below.
  • Once you log in, you will be prompted to the page. You will see an option for products. You need to choose which one had you bought (Knowing the product would help us since we could have the idea of the parts that may have been damaged or needs to be repaired.)
  • Then, you can book for a service request. The request will be sent. And It will then be processed for schedule. (You will have to wait for our call. We will give you the date for the service. Keep your line open.)

Aside from asking for a water purifier service request, there are other things you can also do. Here are the other things you can do.

Use our number in requesting a service too

  • You can call for Aquaguard Service through the contact number. This is a toll-free number. So, when you want a service, call us. Call us so we can process your request for service.
  • You can use the call to ask for queries. You will be able to reach Customer Service. Aside from service request, you may also ask some service queries too.

Note: You may call us if you cannot log in to your account. We may find a way in relocating your account.

Use our email for reaching us

Aside from calling us, you can email us too. Write down your concerns. You can send it to us through our mail id. After we have received it, we will keep in touch with you. This will also be our way of processing a service request for you.  Aquaguard Service will be one email away!

Visit our store location near you

You can come to our store for an appointment. Sometimes finding it is hard. But use this for a more natural way of finding us. When you have a hard time locating us, we have a solution. Use Google to locate the nearest store of Aquagaurd service center.

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