How To Repair Your Water Purifier In Lockdown?

Drinking pure and healthy water is the need of all the living people, but due to the increasing water pollution getting pure water for drinking purposes is tough. There is various water purification system in India which eliminates all kinds of water contamination present in the water. A water purification system is an electronic device that needs regular maintenance and repair services.

As the whole world is going through the lockdown phase due to the coronavirus disease. In India, everything is lock except essential services as we all know that corona is an infectious disease that spread from one person to another person.

Due to lockdown, people are not able to hire water purifier service engineers. But do not worry here. We are going to discuss how you can repair your water purifier by yourself.

Generally, people experience two kinds of issue with their water purifier these issues are

  1.     The water purifier is not working
  2.     Slow Flow Rate From Your Water Purifier

What To Do When Your Water Purifier Is Not Working?

Your water purifier can stop working due to various reasons. Here we have elaborated a few common issues by which your water purifier stopped working. Their reasons are

1. Lack Of Power Supply

Check whether your water purifier plug is inserted correctly. You can check for the loose connections as well.

2. Lack Of Raw Water Supply

Some time due to a problem in the divert value, the input water gets flow gets stopped. And due to the lack of the input water supply, the water purifier stops working. Thus must ensure that the divert valve is working correctly.

3. Check SMPT Adaptor

SMPT, i.e., Switched Mode Power Supply. In India, there is high voltage fluctuation due to which the burning of SMPT adaptor is possible. If your water purifier SMPT adaptor is burned, then it can not be repaired at home.

4. Check For The Air Vacuum Inside The RO System

This condition is very rare, and generally, it does not happen. But sometimes due to loose-fitting your water purifier sucks air, which prevents the machine from working. This conditioner may also occur due to the damaging of the pre-bowl filter. In this condition, you can look for a loose connection and try to create a vacuum free environment.

5. Due to malfunction of the Float Valve

The RO water purifier stops working when the internal storage tank gets full. The Float valve shut off the RO system to prevent the overflowing. When you start using water from the container, the water level reduces. As a result, it starts functioning. Thus due to the malfunctioning of the float valve, the RO water purifier stops working.

What To Do When You Experience Slow Flow Rate From Your Water Purifier?

The slow flow rate of water purifiers may occur due to various reasons. Here we have listed a few common reasons which lead to the slow flow rate:

1. Clogged RO Filters

A water purifier removes contamination present in the water, but due to continuous removal of water contamination, the filters of the RO water purifier get foul. This is the primary reason for the slow flow rate from your RO water purifier system.

2. Pressure In the Tank

Due to low pressure inside the RO tank, you may experience a slow flow rate from your water purifier. Your water needs 7 to 8 psi to flow water. To check the pressure of the water purifier, locate the Schrader valve. Usually, the Schrader valve is covered with the blue plastic cap and present on the side of the tank near to the bottom.

After locating the Schrader valve, remove all the water from the water purifier, and measure the pressure by using the pressure gauge. If the pressure is low, then add the air with the pump unit it 7-8 psi. But be careful to add the air and ensure that you have added very few amounts of air because too much air can break the air bladder.

3. Slow Flow Rate Due To The Rupture RO Tank Bladder

If you are getting one cup of water at the normal water pressure, then it is a sign that your water purifier air bladder is rupture. But this condition can not be resolved. The only way is to replace the bladder.

4. Kink In Water Line

Kink is the major issue that slows the production of the water. Thus check for the curve in the water supply. But while looking for the kink in the water supply also check for the water supply valve and make sure that it is in a fully open condition.

5. Temporary Loss Of Water Supply

The slow flow rate can also be due to the temporary loss of water pressure. A water purifier needs a minimum of 40 psi to operate correctly, but at 60 psi pressure, your water purifier will work smoothly.

What If Your Water Purifier Do Not Resume Its Functionality?

Drinking water is essential to living a healthy life, but it is only possible when you drink pure and healthy water all the time. But if your water purifier is not working and due to lockdown, you are not able to hire the RO service engineers then try these steps to get pure and healthy water.

Get Pure Water For Drinking Purposes Without Using Water Purifier Is Few Simple Steps

  • Take cotton cloth an create a 5-6 layer of it to use as a filter. Now allow the water to pass through it. The cotton cloth layer will act as a physical filter that will remove the physical contamination present in the water
  • Now collect the filtered water and boil it. The boiling of water is one of the primitive methods to get pure water. Most of the microbes get disinfected by this process
  • After the boiling process allows the water to cool but makes sure to cover your boiled water
  • Once it gets cooled, store it in an airtight container. Now your water is safe to use. But you need to ensure that you finish the water within 24 hours.

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