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Kent RO water purifier

Gone are the days of boiling and filtering water before using it for cooking and drinking purposes. The advanced technology has brought forth water purifiers to make one’s life easy. Water purification system come with a bag of benefits. Here is all you have to know before you gift yourself one Kent RO water purifier:

Why is there a need to have a water purifier at homes or offices?

The water that is made available at our homes or workplaces carries a bundle of impurities along with it. A few common contaminants found in the tap water include pesticides, moss, sand, chemicals and also micro-organisms. A few of these impurities can be diluted by the ancient techniques of boiling and filtration. However, all the harmful do not go away this easily. This calls for an enhanced technique of water purification process. Water purifiers can destroy the maximum number of harmful toxins and microbes, thereby making water fit for consumption.

What are the different types of household water purifiers available in the market?

There are many water purifiers up in the market, and each of them works on their principle. The best ones among them are RO Water Purifier, Activated Carbon Water Purifier, UV Water Purifier, Ultra-filtration Water Purifier and Sediment Filter Water Purifier.

What is an RO Water Purifier?

An RO Water Purifier works on the principle of ‘reverse osmosis’. It is a process in which water is allowed to pass between semi-permeable membranes and pressure is exerted. All the impurities and substances get knocked off by the membrane, and pure water flows across it into the opening channel. The contaminants that contain bacteria, virus, hydrocarbons, sulphates, magnesium and other harmful substances are let out of the purifier through the wastewater discharge channel.

What are the stand-out points of an RO Water Purifier?

Here are a few advantages of choosing an RO water purifier over the other water purifiers

  1. Virus and bacteria are eliminated and drinking the RO purified water removes the risk of one developing jaundice, cholera, typhoid and other deadly illness
  2. Chlorine and its substitutes are removed and, this technique can prevent rectal cancer and colon cancer
  3. The RO purified water is a better alternative of tap water that is used during washing of food substances and cooking
  4. Lead, and the RO water purifier removes mercury – the agents causing damage to the human brain. Becoming safe from Anemia is simple with this purifier now
  5. Salts, bacteria and pyrogens are stopped from penetrating to the water channel by the membrane. This reduces the risk of one becoming prone to heart diseases

Which is the most trusted RO Water Purifier available in the market?

Many water purifier manufacturing companies have come up with various innovative techniques that outwit the rest of the purifiers. You can get into confusion on seeing a massive list of RO water purifiers to choose from. We have nixed your effort of choosing an RO water purifier by presenting to you the Kent Water Purifier.

Why Kent?

Kent is one of the leading water purifier companies and is trusted on a global scale by many water purifier users. They have been in the market catering to a billion happy customers and have won a huge number of awards and recognitions from national and international platforms. The UNESCO has recognized Kent and has awarded it with the title of ‘Best Domestic Water Purifier – 2017’. Apart from water purifiers, they deal in the manufacturing of air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and more. The Kent Water Purifier Service meets all the service guidelines and timelines, and this is an extra add-on point for the users to choose Kent.

What are the features of the RO Water Purifier designed by Kent?

The Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier designed by Kent has a lot of purifying elements apart from the membrane-embedded within it. Here are the essential parts of the water purifier that you need to be aware of:

  • Pre-filter – to remove all the sediments, dirt and insoluble materials from water
  • Reverse-osmosis membrane – To remove all the soluble impurities from water
  • UV Lamp – To disinfect all the harmful bacteria and other disease-causing micro-organisms
  • Ultrafiltration Membrane – To remove the leftover impurities that still linger in the water
  • Activated Carbon Filter- To remove the remaining contaminating agents
  • Water is passed through all these filters and is made fit for drinking
  • How often should the RO purifier be serviced?

The RO Membrane in the purifier must be changed for at least once in three months to retain excellent functioning of the purifier. You can find the nearest Kent RO Service Centre near you and get this done.

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