What Is Water ATM And Why It Is Essential?

Water ATM is an automatic vending machine which brings pure and contamination free water at a best and nominal cost. This vending machine can be installed in both rural and urban areas. It can also be store in those areas where people are facing a water crisis.

Water is one of the essential elements of human life and drinks. It insufficient amount is vital because water participated in almost all kinds of water body’s function such as removal of body waste, improve brain function, maintain the circulatory system, and many others.

Type Of Water ATM

Water ATM is one of the automatic water vending machines which provides 24*7 pure and contamination free water. It is solar powered and cloud connected; thus, it enables the remote tracking of the water quality and each pay per use transmission. It is of different types

1. Ring structure

Ring structure water ATM is ring in shape. Some models of ring structure water ATM work of solar power. This form of water ATM can be mounted anywhere in the ground. Ring structure water ATM is strong and tamper proof, and this is also an ideal water ATM to use in a rural and urban area.

2. Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted water ATM can be mounted at the walls of the offices, schools, or other places. The wall mounted water ATM is best suitable for shops, offices, and other buildings.

3. Coin-Operated

This form of water ATM is operated by specific types of the coin to get a certain amount of water. Coin operated water ATM is mainly used at public places, fair, and other such places or events.

4. Card Operated

To get pure and contamination free water, you need to have a specific type of smart card, and this form of water ATM is smart card operated. This form of water ATM is suitable for those areas where the demand for water per person is very high.

5. Coin and Card-operated

This form of water ATM can either be operated by a coin or a smart card. A coin and card operated water ATM is suitable for those areas where people need water is a low and high amount.

What Are The Benefits For Water ATM?

Water ATM possesses various benefits. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Water ATM is cost effective and economical for both rural and urban area
  2. It also ensures 100% pure and healthy water. Thus it makes sure that people are free from worry about waterborne diseases
  3. It provides contamination free water 24*7. People can purchase water on the pay per use basis whenever they need
  4. Water ATM also allows people to get free from all the worry about buying packed water at a comparatively higher price
  5. It can be installed in all public and private places such as railway stations, bus stand, metro stations, and various other places
  6. Water ATM can also be installed at various hospital and nursing houses

With the increasing water pollution, all the households are equipped with a modern and advanced water purifier. Almost all citizens of India are concerned about their drinking water when they are at their homes or offices, but while traveling, no one cares about their drinking water quality and drinks water from any source. But now, with the help of the water ATM, this issue can be solved.

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