Water Purifier: Kick Out Water Impurities

With increasing water pollution, the demand for water purifiers is also growing by each passing day. A water purifier is an instrument which kicks out the water contamination and enables us to drink pure and healthy water. As pure and healthy water is necessary for living a healthy life.

A water purifier is based on the advance water purification technology such as reverse osmosis, Ultra-violate rays and Ultra-filtration technology. These technologies are potent enough to eliminate all kinds of water impurities present in water such as heavy metals, microbial contamination and others.

Why Do You Need Water?

These water impurities are getting hazardous, which can not be eliminated by a simple water purification process. But with the help of the advance and modern water purifier, all kinds of water impurities can be removed. The drinking of pure water is necessary as it protects you from the various types of waterborne diseases.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the freshwater quality of India is not suitable for drinking purposes as it is heavily contaminated; thus, water purifier becomes essential for all household. A variety of water purifiers is available in the Indian market. You can choose the best one according to your need and requirement.

Types OF Water Purifier

From simple to advanced, water purifiers show excellent diversity. A water purifier can be classified according to its uses in various sectors and technology used.

Types of Water Purifier According To Technology Used

With the improvement in the technology water purifier is getting advanced. These days various kinds of technology are used to treat water contamination. Based On the Technology Used A Water Purifier Is Of Different Types

  1. Gravitational Water Purifier

  • Basic Gravity Filter
  • Chemical Based Gravity Filter
  1. Membrane Based Water Purifier

  • MF Water Purifier
  • UF Water Purifier
  • NF Water Purifier
  • RO Water Purifier
  1. Solar Water Purifier

  • Solar Water Disinfection
  • Solar Water Distillation
  • Solar Water Pasteurization
  • Solar Water Purification
  1. Others

  • UV Water Purifier

A UV water purifier uses ultra-violate rays to eliminate microbial contamination from the water. The UV rays is generated by a UV lamp that kills and suspends their growth. The UV ray has high penetration capacity; thus, it can easily penetrate their skin cell and destroy their DNA. The water purified by UV water purifier are safe from microbial contamination; therefore, it can be used in those areas where the microbial contamination is very high.

  • Ozone Water Purifier
  • Water Ionizer

Water Ionizer is one of the newest technology in water purification. It raises the pH of the purified water to 8.5-9.5 and makes it safe for drinking purposes.

  • Electrical Water Purifier
  • Non Electrical Water Purifier

Types Of Water Purifier According To Uses

Depending upon Uses A Water Purifier Is Classified Into Three Categories

  1. Domestic Water Purifier

  • Whole House Water Purifier
  • Kitchen Water Purifier
  1. Commercial Water Purifier

  2. Industrial Water Purifier

  • ETP Water Purifier
  • ZLD Water Purifier
  • STP Water Purifier
  • DM

Types Of Water Purifier based on Installation

Based on the installation, a water purifier is of following types

  1. Mall Mount Water Purifier

  2. Table Top

  3. Tap Water Purifier

  4. Under Sink Water Purifier

Benefits Of Water Purifier

Due to over-exploitation of water, the raw water is not safe for human beings it not only eliminates water contamination but also possess various advantages which are

  • Removes disease-causing elements from the water and protect you from several types of waterborne diseases
  • Improves the taste of the water. As we all know that water is odorless and tasteless, but the presence of impurities makes water smell unpleasant but water treated by the purifier are free to form the unpleasant smell
  • improve the pH of the water to make it safe for human use and drinking purposes
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